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About Hilfr

You could say that Hilfr is ‘Airbnb for private cleaning’ but Hilfr is more than that. Hilfr aims to provide decent working conditions for providers of cleaning services on our platform. As the first cleaning platform in Europe we have negotiated a collective agreement with a trade union (3F) which means that people working on Hilfr are guaranteed a good minimum salary, pension, holiday pay, access to sickness benefit and a number of other benefits. All Super Hilfr’s are employed by Hilfr Aps which means that tax is paid in accordance with Danish law. You can find more details about Super Hilfrs and Freelance Hilfrs here: https://hilfr.dk/about-super-hilfrs

Hilfr is a very intuitive and easy-to-manage platform. It is free to sign-up but everyone has to upload a picture of a personal ID, which is key part in ensuring a credible and secure platform.

Hilfr is socially responsible platform economy

We probably have the best cleaners in town and with a fee of just 10% we are one of the most price competitive cleaning platforms in the country. It is important for us that everyone can feel safe when using Hilfr.dk so all customers will automatically be insured via Tryg. We charge a flat low rate for our service to preserve as much of the customers bill for the Hilfrs. We think that is only fair.

We have prepared all these initiatives to create a more responsible platform economy that treats people better. Providers of services are at the center of Hilfr, but the platform is certainly also attractive to those looking for cleaning – we offer good service, competitive prices and a clean conscience 🙂

Hilfr is a simple platform. It’s free to create a profile on the page, but everyone must upload a photo of their personal ID when creating a user, ensuring a reliable and safe platform for everyone.