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What does a standard cleaning task include?

We encourage a detailed dialogue and alignment before the task as needs and wishes vary. But a typical task, with realistic number hour specified, will include:

All surfaces will be cleaned. Sink will be cleaned and the floor vacuum cleaned followed by a wash. If you for instance would like your oven or refrigerator cleaned, then you simply have to notify this in the chat system or inform the Hilfr once he/she arrives.

Mirrors will be polished and dust removed with a wet cloth. The sink, toilet and shower will be cleaned. Furthermore, the floor will be vacuum cleaned followed by a wash.

Bedrooms and living room
Surfaces will be cleaned with a cloth and dust removed with a wet cloth in your living room, bedrooms and hallways. Mirrors will be polished and all floors in your rooms vacuum cleaned and washed.

Please note: Our chat system is developed to simplify the communication between customer and Hilfr to ensure a good experience for both parties This means that the customer can describe the cleaning task in details.

If you for example have thrown a party and the floors are extra dirty, you can inform the Hilfr about this. It is of course important to be realistic about how much the Hilfr can do within the specified work hours. Therefore it can also be beneficial to inform the Hilfr about what not to do.
“Dear John, next time you come, please concentrate on washing the floor in the living room and therefore you don’t have to clean the kitchen this time”.