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Quick-guide for Hilfrs

1. Create a new Hilfr user, either through Facebook or manual sign-up.

2. Fill in info about payments, ID validation, the areas you provide your service in and the dates and hours you are available. Do also make sure to take a well-lit and smiling profile picture and upload it to your profile.

3. Before long, your profile will be found by a customer in need of cleaning, and when the customer decides to book you, a dialogue can start.

4. You’ll now be able to communicate with your customer. Talk the task over and make sure to align yours and your customers’ expectations – that way you’ll both be satisfied.

5. When the booking is accepted and the day of the booking comes, make sure to do your best to give your customer a nice experience but do also make sure not to go above the needed amount of hours. If something along the way doesn’t go according to plan then contact us. We’re ready to handle any issue you might have.

6. If everything went smoothly and your customers house is squeaky clean, the customer can conclude the task. At this point the payment will be handled, but this you don’t have to worry about, as it happens automatically. You can now give your customer a review, and the customer can also give you one.

7. If your customer is not satisfied with the cleaning, he/she can start a dispute. The system gives you and your customer the possibility to handle the dispute in a good way yourselves. If you can’t reach an agreement within 48 hours, we’ll step in and negotiate between the parties. No transaction occurs before the dispute has been settled.

8. A customer can always cancel a cleaning task, and it will either be with or without an extra fee. This depends on you as a Hilfr and whether you allow a cancellation 12, 24 or 36 hours before the cleaning.